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As experts in senior care, we know what we’re doing.
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What we do

Be safer and more comfortable living at home with home care
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Home care that understands and respects seniors.


We know seniors.
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Your safety is our top priority.

Now we have better infection control for our clients and caregivers.

Care Protect

Our New System for Client and Caregiver Safety

In this challenging time, we’re working around the clock—developing new protocols, caregiver training, and technology—to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and support the health of our clients and Care Professionals. That’s why we’ve developed Care Protect.

Pre-Visit Check and Safety Tools for Caregivers

  • Prior to every visit,Caregivers are required to take their temperature and confirm that they have no fever or symptoms of illness.
  • Caregivers receive ongoing support, information, and reminders to verify they are following our protocols and universal infection control standards.
  • We’re ensuring that all Caregiver have supplies such as thermometers and paying for flu shots if they need one.

Additional Safeguards to Support Safety

  • If a Caregiver reports flu-like symptoms, we immediately restaff their visits and notify the client’s family.
  • Before returning to work after an illness, a Caregiver must follow our new clearance process, in accordance with CDC guidelines. 
  • We’ve updated our client consultations to ensure proper protections are in place before care begins.
  • Our trained support team is available 24/7 to handle any urgent client situations.

Expanded PPE Requirements and Training

  • We’re providing masks for Caregivers to wear at every shift.
  • We’ve expanded our requirements for when masks and gloves must be worn—and documented them for clients and Caregivers.
  • Caregivers are trained by video on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Stay at home and be safer.

While home is the safest place for your loved one during these uncertain times, not all home care agencies can offer the same level of assurance. Be sure you’re working with an agency that prioritizes the health and well-being of your family and your caregivers—and has systems and protocols in place to support your safety.

About Us

Every person deserves care that promotes independence, dignity, and well-being.
Our mission is to provide home care that enhances quality of life for our clients and their families through teamwork, problem-solving and senior care expertise.

Our Team
The Faces You See

Our Bay Area team of professionals are ready & available to meet you or your loved one in person for a free Care Consultation. They will discuss our services and learn about your specific care needs.

The Voices You Hear

Our centralized Care support team of professionals are available 24/7 to talk to you about your care. With dedication and empathy they will address any schedule change requests, care plan updates, and much more.

The Care Pros You Need

Our Bay Area Care Pros are thoroughly screened, background checked, trained and managed to ensure you or your loved one receives the highest quality of care. You will always have visibility into the Care Pros visiting you or your loved one through our Family Portal app.

Locally owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We serve Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Why Us?

Our Model

Founded and managed by social workers and gerontologists, we know strong leadership, careful planning, and teamwork are the keys to providing the best care. We listen to your needs and create a care plan that makes sense. Our clients benefit from our team’s passion and expertise. In addition to compassionate caregivers, our team includes dedicated senior care professionals working behind the scenes to make sure care goes smoothly.

Our goal is to help create a home life where our clients feel comfortable and respected, and family members can sleep easier knowing their loved one is cared for well.

Our Process

Our process is simple.

  1. We start with a phone call, then meet with you in person to understand your care needs and answer your questions.
  2. When you are ready to start, we create a care plan, set a schedule, and match you with a caregiver we think will be a good fit.
  3. After care starts, we check in, monitor care, problem-solve issues, and keep in contact to make sure care is going well.
Our Services
Home Care
Under the supervision of our expert team, our compassionate, carefully-screened caregivers can help with a wide range of tasks.

Personal Care and Hygiene

Medication Reminders

Light Housekeeping and Meal Prep

Outings, Errands, and Appointments

Mobility and Exercise

Activities and Companionship

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

All of our clients are assessed and supported by our Client Care Manager, who has a master’s degree in Gerontology, with special training in Memory Care.

With a care plan in place, our caregivers are continually supervised and supported during the course of care to use the most effective behavioral therapies, including validation therapy, as well as Teepa Snow’s Gems and Hand-Over-Hand approach.

Post-Hospitalization / Post-Surgery

Coming home from the hospital can be a huge relief. However, during this period people are at a high risk of falls and injuries, which can land them right back in the hospital.

In order to stay safe at home, people need time to recover and get back their strength. CSS Home Care can help with a wide range of tasks post-hospitalization, to help our clients stay safe and comfortable at home during their recovery period. We can also help with appointments, errands, and rehab exercises.

One-on-one care in facility settings

Many seniors living in facilities require more than the facility can handle.

If home is an Assisted Living Community, Board and Care Home, or Nursing facility, CSS Home Care caregivers can provide additional one-on-one attention and care, outings and errands, monitoring for wandering, companionship and emotional support.

Hospice Care

We can help when your loved one is receiving hospice or end-of-life care.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit, focused on support and comfort rather than treating disease. Hospice team members, including nurses and social workers, provide care at home to address medical needs. Hospice provides some limited, intermittent help with personal care, and does not help with other daily living tasks.

CSS Home Care can supplement Hospice by providing ongoing daily care, household tasks, and emotional support. We work closely with hospice teams to ensure comfort and quality of life.

 Reviews

Client Reviews

CSS Home Care accompanied mom on a two year journey as her mobility was increasingly robbed by a failing body. Beginning with part-time in-home assistance and culminating with live-in assistance, CSS caregivers brought comfort and security to mom. Periodic visits by CSS management helped give me an independent view of changes in mom’s attitude and outlook that were informative and useful in managing mom’s overall care. As I learned when mom first needed help, it takes professionals with patience, compassion, and stamina, to provide the necessary care for adults needing assistance in living. CSS delivered well on mom’s care needs.

I really want to thank your agency for the wonderful care and support that you provided my father and your agency’s caring and responsive collaboration with me. I especially want to thank [my dad’s caregiver] for being so caring and compassionate with my father. My father really liked him. I have had many compliments about how good he was with my father and how nice he is as a person. Thank you CSS staff and caregivers for everything.

I want to thank your caregivers for showing compassion and loving care to my mom. My dad would not have been able to do it without your help.

CSS Home Care provided the necessary care for my aunt, who was diagnosed with dementia. From the very beginning, your team of professionals provided us with the tools that were required to take on this responsibility. Your caregivers were wonderful. They prepared her meals, took her to her scheduled appointments on time, administered her medications, helped her exercise, made sure she did fun things outside the house and provided her with companionship. My family will forever be grateful for your service. The work you do to help family members cope is a true testament to what’s great about humanity. You provide your clients and their family members with a sense of dignity and grace during a difficult time of their lives.

In 2015 I used CSS Home Care. Because of that experience, when I was in need of home care a second time in 2018 I called CSS again.The current caregivers are very professional, courteous and caring. They are prompt for each of their 12 hour shifts and start right in caring for me, my cats and whatever small household chores need attention. They also take me to appointments and shopping. Not only do I recommend CSS to others but should I ever need more home care I will definitely call CSS.

Caregiver Reviews

I have worked for CSS a year now. At the time I got hired I wasn’t sure if I was going to get hours or not due to a difficult schedule. At this time I’m so happy to be working for this company. I feel like I’m part of the team. Working with the staff who is always so appreciative of what I do just adds to the satisfaction I get from helping seniors.

What it’s like, to work at CSS….
I have worked for a few home care agencies.
CSS is, for me, the best company due to strong organization and commitment from the staff. The team building atmosphere is phenomenal. I feel protected, and very much a part of the team



Scheduling Care

What is a Home Care Assessment?

At a Home Care Assessment we meet you at your home or residence to answer your questions and understand your needs, including details about the kinds of tasks that would be helpful, schedule, and what type of caregiver may be the best fit. Assessments are free and there is no commitment.

If you are planning to start care after a hospitalization, then if possible we like to meet with you at the hospital before discharge, so that we can plan for any special needs, including things like physical therapy exercises or specialized medical equipment.

How do we set or change our schedule?

Once we have met with you for an assessment, we can typically start care soon after, since we have a large pool of qualified caregivers. Our goal is to match you with a caregiver we think would be a great fit, and orient your caregiver to your specific needs. For updates or changes to your schedule during office hours, you can notify your assigned Client Care Manager. After hours, you can call our on-call staff.

Our goal is to give you consistency, matching you with caregivers who can get to know your needs and preferences. To this end, we’ve found it helps to set up a regular, set schedule with longer hours. However, if you just need help a few hours here and there, we can accommodate that too!

How do I keep track of the schedule and care?
We are always available if you want to check in. We also have an innovative family web portal that clients and families can use to keep track of care – you can see the schedule, which caregivers are assigned, and what tasks have been completed. You can even listen to voicemails from your caregiver(s) so you always feel in the loop.


How do you select caregivers?

As a licensed home care agency in California, all our caregivers are registered as home care aides with the state. To even be considered for hire at CSS, all our caregivers must pass a fingerprinted background check with the DOJ and FBI, maintain current TB testing, and complete yearly training requirements.

In addition, all our caregivers go through a multi-step screening process, evaluating skill, reliability, personality, and professionalism. After we review an application for relevant skills and experience, we conduct a phone screening, where we fill in details and begin our interpersonal assessment. An applicant may then be invited to an in-person interview, where we continue to evaluate their skills, personality, reliability, judgment, and professionalism. At this interview, we also administer a written skills assessment. If the applicant passes the interview and exam, we then conduct and perform a professional reference check and employment verification.

What if my caregiver is not a good fit / not working out?
Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and happy with your caregiver. If the issue is small and you generally like your caregiver, we can coach them to make an adjustment in how they provide care. Or, we can find someone else. We check in with you regularly, but if there are any issues that impact your comfort or satisfaction with our service – we want to hear about them!
What is the difference between independent contractors vs. employee-based Home Care companies?

CSS Home Care is a licensed home care agency and our caregivers are employees. We cover employer payroll taxes, carry workers’ compensation insurance, and we have more control over how our caregivers carry out their job duties. CSS caregivers also get overtime pay, sick time, and benefits like 401K savings plans.

Companies that use independent contractors instead of employees have fewer protections and benefits for their clients, workers, and themselves. They do not carry workers’ comp insurance, pay payroll taxes, nor can they instruct their caregivers on how to do their jobs. Independent contractors are also not entitled to overtime, sick time, or other benefits.

If the applicant passes all of these steps, they attend a paid, 5-6 hour in-person orientation to orient them to our brand of care and expectations, including specialized dementia training. After hire, we continue to actively evaluate, coach, and supervise our caregivers for skill, reliability, and professionalism.

Paying for Home Care

How can I get help paying for home care?
Home care is part of the options available for long term care. Regular health insurance does not pay for long term care. If you have purchased Long Term Care Insurance in the past, it usually covers in-home care. We are happy to take a look at your policy if you aren’t sure what is covered. If you are a Veteran, you may be eligible for Long Term Care benefits through the VA. Contact your local VA office for information.
I have long term care insurance. How can you help?
We can help contact your long term care insurance company to start a claim. You pay us directly, and receive reimbursement from your insurance once you are approved to begin receiving care. We also help with the ongoing required paperwork needed to process claims.

Want to Join Our Team?

CSS Home Care has teamed up with Honor, the leading caregiver recruitment and management company in the home care industry, to find and hire the very best caregivers. 
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